June 01

The Centre, Lakewood, CA

9AM - 3PM

About Our Conference

Empowering Women to Live Fearlessly

On every front, black women have been taught to be afraid. Fear permeates all aspects of our lives and limits our possibilities.

When beautiful like-minded women come together and speak out loud their vision for their life, family, health, career, and business all things become possible.

You deserve joy. Every day of your life should be filled with peace. Every woman should operate at her highest potential.

Empowering Women to Live Fearlessly is a one-day women’s retreat designed to inspire and transform every woman to embrace the most authentic, powerful, and beautiful version of themselves.

Dr. Joan is no stranger to fear. She is the author of the book 490: Forgive and Live Fearlessly. She makes a bold statement “It is our birthright to live fearlessly! Fear is a bully we must all struggle with and overcome. When we overcome fear, God can finally have a conversation with us. Doors to a great future open. This is what I want for every woman.”

In the beautiful backdrop of Lakewood, California, we are going to talk about DESTINY, FEAR, and POWER.

In her unique and powerful style, Dr. Joan will show you how to harness the power buried in your past and use it to rise and embrace your future. We deserve to live fearlessly. Faith, hope, and trust belongs to us. We deserve to live our divine purpose.

Empowering Women to Live Fearlessly

June 1, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm in
Empowering Women Team

Dr. Joan is the founder and director of Becoming Canada. She is a forgiveness therapist in Ontario, Canada. She is a transformational speaker with a single goal for every event she speaks at: To help every woman live fearlessly. She is the author of 490: Forgive and Live Fearlessly, a book which brings an incredible message that inspires people to push through moments of intense struggle and align their lives with the creator’s will and intentions for their life.

Kimberly Douglas is the Founder of Beautiful I Am Foundation, Inc.  She is a native of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music , Boston, MA and she just recently received her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT.  Kim’s first love GOD! Second, family (husband, sons and grand children) and friends.  Third, music (singing, writing and producing) and Fourth, but not least, seeing young girls living healthy care-free lives, knowing their worth and their wealth, while believing and fulfilling their dreams. 

Rasheedah Anderson is a podcast host, writer, vignette actor and speaker. She hosts “The Couch”, a weekly panel discussion with mental health professionals on issues that impact the mental well-being of the Black community. She coordinates and host conferences that transform, motivate and elevate men and women from the Black community.

Special guest appearance by

Ms. EnJunaya Canton

Actor, Entrepreneur and Wellness Coach

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Becoming Therapy Sessions Available with Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan practices a holistic style of healing therapy she fondly calls Becoming Therapy (BT). BT is a Christian counselling technique that makes forgiveness and reconciliation front and centre of the process. It also incorporates knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuroscience, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The efficacy of this powerful technique lies in its ability to identify a moment in time Dr. Joan calls “the room”—the year, month and day the individual first experienced something that caused them to feel afraid, unloved, or overwhelmed with anxiety. Dr. Joan teaches every individual how to examine that moment, see the struggle with fear that is present there and overcome it.
Forgiveness of the people in the room releases us from the hold of the room and allows us to finally live the life designed for us.

The Centre 5000 Clark Avenue, Lakewood, CA 90712

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